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150804 - Slindon Safari

Time to play at Slindon again! I was convinced I didn't explore everywhere last time I went to Slindon so I was determined to go everywhere this time.

As James was with me again and I knew he has a flare for swamping my truck, Slindon seemed like a cleaner option. How wrong was I?!

There we were, minding our own business when someone dared us to have a pop at a large hole filled with deep, thick muddy water. And why not I thought, so off we went?

As you can see, James stuck again, cheers mate!!!

Mmm nice and muddy in the engine bay. Unfortunately a bit too muddy for the starter motor! I made the mistake of stopping the engine again so had to get a tow to bump start it.

We drove down this lane that admitedly was quite extreme but then that's why we're out here.

"Oooooh", said James.

We noticed a fellow off-roader in need of help so we looked to see if we could lend a hand.

Bit of a tug...

...and out she popped!

Mmmm mmmmuuddd!

"Yeeee Ha!"

A brave little SJ having a go at this steep hill. He didn't make quite make it but not for lack of trying!

It didn't look stuck but this Range Rover was winching itself backwards using a tree. Behind him was an SJ that definitely was stuck!

Looks like another job for the girls ;)


Cor, I found a clean bit. Well nearly clean anyway!

Another fantastic day had by James and me at Slindon! Just a knackered starter motor to get out and fix and I definitely want to get the diff gears lowered now.